• Youth Groups

    Screamin’ Eagle Outfitters is a non-profit Christian ministry geared to today’s generation. Due to the fact that 65% of all Christians come to know Christ in a non-church environment, Screamin’ Eagle wants to use this opportunity to reach people.

  • Boys Camp

    SEO’s Boys Camp is a place and time for “boys to be boys!” Screamin’ Eagle Outfitters believes our boys need an opportunity to be outside and play! To go exploring in the woods (with a counselor, of course!). To learn to shoot a bow and arrow. To play in a creek and get muddy and wet.

  • Family Camp

    We believe that family is important, and we hope to partner with you to create shared experiences together as a family. When is the last time you were set up to have intentional conversation with your son or daughter, or have uninterrupted time together?

  • Camp/Retreat Rental

    We’ll offer to you the chance to set up your own games/activities time schedule to fit the goals of the retreat you desire to accomplish. We are happy to do as much or as little as you need us to. The facility will be yours to enjoy as you wish.