Perhaps you have already seen the life change in your campers after a week-long camp experience. Now imagine spending time with your entire family at Camp! Stay together in a cabin and enjoy a weekend in the mountains. Swim in our pond as a family, play one of our famous camp-wide games, go hiking together, visit our barnyard to feed the animals, enjoy great food, relax around the campfire, shoot a rifle, or learn to shoot the bow and arrow. Camp isn’t just for kids anymore!

We believe that family is important, and we hope to partner with you to create shared experiences together as a family. When is the last time you were set up to have intentional conversation with your son or daughter, or have uninterrupted time together? Hear from Godly men and women that speak to your entire family. Come experience a weekend of fun and growth with your family here at Screamin’ Eagle Outfitters!