Job Title: Assistant Camp Director
Organization: Screamin’ Eagle Outfitters (SEO)
Location: Flat Rock, North Carolina
For more information or to apply, contact Kenny Adcock at (828) 779-2771 or send us an email.

Position Overview:

The main responsibility of the Assistant Camp Director will be to help the Camp Director in any way possible. This includes upholding the values and goals of the camp, enforcing safety and heath regulations, enforcing the rules of behavior set forth by the Camp Director, monitoring staff and campers, facilitating a line of communication between the Camp Director, counselors, campers and parents. Actively supports the Mission Statement of SEO.

Job Functions:

(This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employee may perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.)

  • Assist Camp Director, implement programs, schedule activities, and organize events.
  • Express desire and demonstrate ability to speak publicly (i.e. preaching, teaching, leading large and small group activities, staff recruitment, etc.).
  • Demonstrate creativity in helping to reach students and adults with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Take initiative in creating new ways to allow SEO to reach students/adults for Jesus Christ.
  • Ability to lead:
    • Adults in mission work projects around camp.
    • College and high school students in staff orientation for summer camp.
    • In the absence of the Camp Director, oversight of camp for the purposes of continuation of already scheduled events.
  • Inform Camp Director of ethical considerations or issues or potential parental concerns of campers or staff.

Essential Qualifications:

  • Seek God with all of their heart, soul, and mind.
  • Capable of working with their hands in the office as well as out around camp.
  • Demonstrate level of maturity that is able to recognize crisis situations and handles them in a calm reserved manner to a point of resolution.
  • Exhibit knowledge and proficiency of God’s word as referenced in the Bible.
  • Demonstrate integrity and in good standing from the position from which he is coming.
  • Willingness to submit to the authority of the Camp Director.
  • Ability to manage several things at once.
  • Respect the mission, goals and values of Screamin’ Eagle Outfitters organization.
  • Continue to strengthen personal relationship with God and seeks to foster Christ-like characteristics within own family.
  • The individual will hold a current First Aid / CPR certification. The cost of this certification will be incurred by SEO, by reimbursement to the individual once the class is successfully completed, unless the individual does not “pass the course” at which point the individual will pay for the failed class as well as pay for the following classes until the class is completed successfully.

Work Schedule:

Spring / Fall Season: April 1 – May 31 & August 20 – September 30

  • Average workday will be 8am – 5pm (with a 45 minute lunch break) unless a group is in camp, and then he/she is expected to be here as long as deemed necessary by the Camp Director.
  • Assistant Director will be “on call” 24/7 and is expected to work as deemed necessary by the Camp Director.

Camp Season: June 1 – August 19

  • Average workday will be to report to camp by 7am and remain until all duties are fulfilled for that day as deemed necessary by the Camp Director.

Winter Season: October 1 – March 31

  • Average workday will an 9am – 4pm workday (with a 45 minute lunch break).
  • Plan “A” = days off: Monday and Tuesday following the weekend group (with a group here for the weekend).
  • Plan “B” = days off: days off are Saturday and Sunday (without a group here for the weekend).


Staff evaluations will be scheduled periodically (a minimum of 2-3 times yearly)


Funding is to be raised by the employee with the salary amount to be determined and monitored by the SEO board of directors and agreed upon by employee. The salary amount will be evaluated every twelve months by the Board of Directors for Screamin’ Eagle Outfitters.

If the employee submits his/her resignation or is terminated from the position held under this contract, the remaining balance of their raised support, held in escrow by SEO, shall be divided between SEO and the employee. The percentage that the employee receives (up to a maximum of 50%) will be determined by the Screamin’ Eagle Outfitters Board of Directors and will be based on the reason for resignation or dismissal and number of years employee has been with organization.

There will be a budget submitted, for review, that shows what the person (and his/her family) would need to live in the area. This budget should reflect frugal spending habits and living a life style consistent with that of a modest living. There should be a 4-6 month salary surplus maintained in the employee’s account to tolerate low months of giving by supporters.

Days allowed for fundraising: 10 business days will be designated to focus on fundraising ie. Writing letters, following up with emails and making phone calls for the sake of raising necessary funding to supply the yearly salary. These days can be done from the home or office. These days will be used at the discretion of the individual, throughout the year, but not to interfere with the ongoing camp schedule unless otherwise approved by the camp director.


  • Paid Vacation: Employee eligible for ten business days (Monday – Friday) per calendar year with a four week prior notification to the camp office and approved by Camp Director. One day per year will be added on the paid vacation plan for up to five years. Vacation days will not carry over from year to year.
  • Unpaid Vacation: Employee eligible for five days per calendar year with a four week prior notification to camp office and approved by Camp Director.
  • Sick/Personal/ Bereavement Leave: Employee eligible for seven paid days per calendar year. This is to include family doctor/dental appointments, family illness and funeral attendance. If employee experiences unusual circumstances (i.e. extended or unexpected illness), he/she may request additional sick days, which will be brought to the SEO board of directors for approval. All “Sick, Paid and Unpaid” days should be exhausted before employee can request additional sick leave. Sick leave will not carry over from year to year.
  • Paid Holidays:
    • Thanksgiving: Three business days – Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day, and the Friday after Thanksgiving.
    • Christmas: Five business days – Two days prior, Christmas Day, and the following three business days.
    • New Years: One day – New Years Day.
    • Easter: Two business days – Good Friday and the Monday following Easter Sunday.